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Quality Policy


The perfect definition of quality is "Every product or service has a requirement: a description of what the customer needs. When a product meets that requirement, it is considered to have achieved quality". Quality is an important attribute of the product irrespective of Industrial (intermediary) or consumer (end use) product.


We are poised to provide value for money. We strongly believe that in business an organization is solitary represented by the quality of its products and services of its human resource. Mass production is the vein of today's manufacturing scenario, but mass production at the cost of compromised quality is strictly unacceptable.


We understand the value of customer's time and money hence each and every piece that Anaya delivers passes through three rigid level of quality check. We use both Mechanical and Manual quality inspection to confirm zero defects. We are ready to bet everything on our Quality Guarantee, and the reasons for the same are our weapons of quality production and control listed below.

Machines, Inspections and Instruments

About Quality

Machines are the most quality efficient production instruments next to humans. The fundamental of Anaya Exports Quality is QUALITY MACHINES produces quality products, hence we have housed wide ranged of specialized and semi specialized highly calibrated machineries with state of the art functioning which are able to produce consistence products through out the cycle.
Machines can produce consistence product and it can also check the quality of the product but without human supervision they (machines) can not be guaranteed for the zero defects, due to same reason we have employed highly qualified team of engineers to testify and certify the products, they do random inspection in ratio of 1:50 (1 pc must be checked per 50 pc produced).
Human inspection is again dependent upon the quality check instruments, zero defect product can only be achieved with zero defect quality checking instruments and hence we are quipped with instruments (caliper, gauges, micrometers etc.) of high rated brands

Quality Machines


Guaranteed for the Zero Defects


Highly Calibrated Machineries


Testify and Certify the Products


Our beliefs and statement for quality control are:-


Adding Value

Quality can only be improved by adding value to the product and not merely by eliminating the defects.


Quality Control

Quality Control is not an expense indeed, but it is an investment which adds value to our commitments and pays off in the form of customer satisfaction.


Product liability

We graciously accept the product liability, hence we destroying/dumping tons of defective products is acceptable to us in contradiction of supplying single piece of the product with defect.



Customers do not have time to check the quality of the products instead we are responsible for the same.



We are committed to achieve sustained quality improvement.                         

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